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Reporting and sharing

How to login#

To perform some actions you will need to log in to your dashboard. If your dashboard is private, you will get the login form once you enter your dashboard (usually


If your dashboard is public, you have to log in by clicking on the top right corner and then switching to your account.

Sharing a dashboard#

  • Login to Kibiter.
  • Set a time interval and filters (optionally).
  • Click on the Share tab in the top right corner.
  • A menu will drop down.

    • The first entry >_ Embed code allows to share the dashboard as an iFrame.
    • The second entry Permalinks allows sharing the dashboard as a permalink.

    In both cases, the URL generated can be either a snapshot or a saved object. The former encodes the current state of the dashboard (thus edits on the dashboard won't be visible via this URL), and the latter allows sharing the most recent version of the dashboard. Furthermore, the URL can be converted to a short link by enabling the Short URL toggle button. - Click on Copy link/Copy iFrame code. - Share the link!