With Bitergia's consultancy team as your metrics department you have access to our wide experience. We can work with you towards specific outcomes such as a metric strategy handbook, custom reports that analyze a specific situation or custom visualizations that help you to get insights from your data.

Our team is highly qualified and with expertise in areas such as:

  • OSPOs. An Open Source Program Office is a department within an organization, usually a company, but may as well be a university, a foundation or other organizations. Bitergia assists its customer’s OSPO’s in their decision making by providing advice, guidance and tools to answer their concerns, usually by measuring the open source projects they are interested in.
  • ISPOs or InneSource Program Offices. InnerSource is the application of best open source software practices within the walls of a corporation. Its main purpose is to break down silos of knowledge and development, and be more effective in the development of new pieces of software across several geographical organizations. Bitergia has the expertise of helping big corporations in the creation of an ISPO, where we have been able to empower teams in the understanding and use of InnerSource practices as well as tools such as development analytics to measure the impact of the initiative.
  • Open Source Foundations. Many of the most successful Open Source projects have a foundation behind, they offer support from different levels to allow those projects to make a bigger impact in their community of users. Bitergia has been working with foundations for more than a decade. In this time we have provided to them insights about the status of the different communities and transparency to all the members of the foundation.
  • Open Source Projects. Bitergia is a company with Open Source (or FLOSS) rooted in its DNA. We create, maintain and reuse Open Source. Our customers interested in analyzing Open Source Projects will benefit from a team of people really familiar with the most common barriers such projects have.