Organizational Diversity by domains

This panel aims at providing a view of the diversity in terms of domains in a project. A domain is the domain used by the contributor in any data source. The goal of this panel is to show how many active domains there are in a specific timeframe of activity together with their evolution over time. This information can be filtered by data source.


From left to right and top to bottom, the metrics provided are:

  • Active Domains: total number of unique active organizations in any data source.
  • Active Domains over Time by Data Source: evolutionary chart displaying the number of active domains for each data source.
  • Number of Contributions: each slice in the pie chart is a domain. The bigger the slice the more contributions were done by such domain.
  • People Contributing: each slice in the pie chart is a domain. The bigger the slice the more people contributing from such domain.
  • Data Sources by Domain, Contributions and Contributors: this tables displays all of the information available for this panel, but ordered in a table. This has four columns that are the data source, the domain, the number of contributions across all of the data sources and the number of contributors across those data sources.

In addition to Kibana filters and search box ont top, filtering by Data Source, Domain and/or Project is allowed by using the top left corner widget.

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